Sika, Inc., Zurich, Switzerland


Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Total Area

20,800 sf


Site Services

Architecture and interior design services
Consultants to RSA provided civil, structural, HVAC, fire protection and cost estimating services

Photo Credit

© David Sundberg/Esto

Sika Warehouse Loading Dock View
Sika Warehouse Loading Dock View
Sika Warehouse Loading Interior View

Sika Warehouse


17,200 sq. ft. Warehouse

500,000 cubic feet of volume

3,600 sq. ft. Office Mezzanine

Four (4) State-of-the-Art Loading Docks

New Truck Entrance


Redesigning the truck entrance to expedite tractor trailer deliveries

Creating a strong streetside presence that blends both the new and existing

Satisfy the diverse interests of the Town of Lyndhurst and the Meadowlands Development Commission

Logistical planning for construction of a new facility with minimal disruption to Sika's on-going production effort

Solution that satisfies needs and budget of a local business unit, while establishing a new standard of like facilities for Sika internationally