Bergen County


Hackensack, New Jersey

Total Area

5,500 sf


RSA provided full service architectural, interior design services, and design project management. Including the direction and coordination of mechanical, electrical, and cost consultants.

Photo Credit

© Ted Kerwin

County of Bergen Justice Center Alteration & Renovation Exterior View

County of Bergen Justice Center Alteration & Renovation


Alteration and renovations of the historic courthouse of Bergen County, originally built in 1912 with a subsequent addition in 1933 and 1958.

In response to changed program on the 1st floor, RSA provided schematic design through construction documents for alteration and renovation for criminal case management department and law library.

This project also includes renovation to 4th floor restrooms and jail toilet.


Assessment of existing structural integrity, building systems and general overall building conditions

Integration of security components

Phasing of construction to minimize disruption to existing departments