EHMC Corp.


Bergen County, NJ

Total Area

200,322 sf


Zoning and feasibility study

Consultants to RSA provided structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing schematics

Photo Credit

© Walter Levy/RSA

EHMC Corp. Parking Garage Exterior View
EHMC Corp. Parking Garage Exterior Drawing

EHMC Corp. Parking Garage


Parking facility with a 748 car, multiple level, parking deck

Overhead bridgeway from the new parking facility to campus facility


Creation of a light and airy, glass gateway to the entrance from the south

Maximization of the site slope and topography with a grade difference of 25'-0" between high and low grades

Design of a low profile building, nestled in a neighborhood setting

Use of contextual materials and fixtures to complement the existing parking facility

Simplistic layout, with user friendly parking stalls and maximum site vista between deck levels

Light steel framing and glass roofed pedestrian walkway to the main entrance

Bridgeway structure with dramatic steel and glass enclosed bridge and elevator/stair enclosures at both ends, enhancing their institutional image