Allen Lowenstein


Panton, Vermont

Total Area

2,600 sf


Designed a residence that blended with the surroundings, leaving nature undisturbed

Site selection highlighted a magnificent view of Lake Champlain

Photo Credit

© Louis Checkman

Panton, Vermont Farmhouse Model
Panton, Vermont Farmhouse Model

Farmhouse - Panton, Vermont


Design of historical, yet contemporary year round retreat, incorporating the regional character of Vermont


Adding modern details, while preserving regional character on a four acre parcel of land within a 1,500 acre, family owned dairy farm and farmhouse enclave

Rugged, rock-laden cliff, overlooking Lake Champlain was the quintessential area for the residence

Incorporation of the following design elements: 1" x 6" vertical siding, panton stone fireplace and all exterior low free standing walls and railings, brick entry, wood exposed round structural columns, natural oak flooring, oak handrails, oak balustrades and heat pump with perimeter floor ducts