Northern New Jersey

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Designed a multi-family residence that provided privacy and outside views from all rooms.

Prefabricated Multi Family Housing Prototype Drawing
Prefabricated Multi Family Housing Prototype Drawing

Prefabricated Multi-Family Housing Prototype


The design goal is a prefabricated modular system which does not reflect the typical prefabricated block on block stacked appearance. This prototype would be designed using standardized products within an economical and disciplined systems approach.

Design Solution

The geometry of the plan addresses the need for privacy between row houses while maintaining an outside view from each room. The main rooms are connected by a central galleria which serves as a circulation space. The design arrives at an extraordinary sense of privacy with the sloping site allowing an outside awareness from every room. The module remains constant, the slab is variable as it steps down with the site gradient.


The design provides a multi-unit prefabricated housing complex sensitive to human needs rather than the typical industrial box. The project combines the much needed economical prefabricated engineered system of production with a focus on the human scale and residential character of the individual unit. This combination allows this design to achieve success where others have failed.