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RSA's Mission

Established in 1981, Ronald Schmidt & Associates has followed a guiding principle of planning and designing complex facilities that add value to our client's projects and maximize the return on investment through quality design and an active participation in management of the process. We are inspired by clients, stakeholders, and the wider community as we work together to create archtecture that is appropriate to the context, is environmentally responsible, and an asset to the community, and is a meaningful place to live,work, and play. We aim to conduct our business in a transparent manner that is ethical, is profitable, and fosters the professional growth of our staff, while working with our clients to establish and meet a mutually defined metric for project success.

 RSA's Process

The architectural firm of Ronald Schmidt & Associates, P.A. was formed on the premise that clients deserved, and would appreciate, the quality design offered by large New York firms without the overhead that those firms charge. Taking advantage of his background with several fine design firms, Mr. Schmidt recognized that there are no stock solutions to complex architectural problems. He also understood that the combination of fee and construction cost value and design excellence were complementary objectives that could be delivered by a firm that was structured to deliver them.

In order to deliver on this promise, the firm’s staff of licensed architects works hand in hand with our clients to truly understand the problems, and offer solutions that work functionally while also embodying simplicity and design excellence. Outstanding service, attention to detail and success in managing budgets and schedules all come to fruition within the context of design excellence.

Inspired by Mr. Schmidt, who is a hands-on designer and project coordinator, principals are involved on each and every project, adding their perspective and experience at all points in the design and construction process. In fact, everyone who works at Ronald Schmidt & Associates is empowered with knowledge and decision making ability that is a benefit to our clients and employees alike. Our commitment to expanding our expertise is the reason why Ronald Schmidt & Associates is registered as a continuing education provider. The result is a level of responsiveness that is both impressive and unique in this all too impersonal world.

Due to today's competitive market, it is paramount that everyone finds effective ways of controlling budget and schedule. We select and manage the best team of specialized engineering consultants for each project based upon the size and technical requirements of the project, and on each firm’s commitment to meeting our standard of design and responsiveness.

Whether your company or organization is constantly building or doing a project for the very first time, your current project is our most important concern. You need to be able to rely on your professionals to protect your interest and steer the process. At Ronald Schmidt & Associates we actively manage the design process on your behalf, so you are able to be as involved as you want to be while still running your business.

Once you have had an opportunity to work with us, you will come to recognize that our higher level of service is available at a similar or even lower price point compared to other firms. Many clients also find that the higher quality of final design found in our projects actually saves them money in construction.

Ronald Schmidt & Associates, P.A.
Ronald Schmidt & Associates, P.A.

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