CES/Continuing Education

Our commitment to expanding our expertise is the reason why Ronald Schmidt & Associates is certified as a continuing education provider. The result is a level of responsiveness that is both impressive and unique in this all too impersonal world.

According to the AIA/CES Program, CES is a continuing education system developed by the AIA that emphasizes learning and records professional learning activities as a requirement for AIA membership. It enables the architect to keep current, master new knowledge and skills, plan for the future, and responsibly meet the role society entrusts to a professional. In doing so, it has the potential to be one of the primary forces in the improvement and revitalization of our profession.

RSA provides credits in both Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) and Health Safety and Welfare (HSW) categories. We are committed to expanding our employees' knowledge on materials, building systems and overall professional practice.

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Continuing Education
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